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Score 2000 limited was incorporated in Nigeria, under the Companies and Allied Matter 1990, as a Limited Liability Company on the 24th day of March, 1998. We are Norland International Health Group Stockist with (Stockist Number WE1768852).

Our products includes the widest range of Natural, Organic, and Curative Health Products manufactured by Norland Industrial Health Group. We deliver a blend of Natural, Organic, Curative health, Reliability and Value for money. Our knowledge and expertise has assisted countless individuals both in Nigeria and abroad. We have enabled them to find practical, sensible and cost effective solutions to their health challenges. If you want genuine products from Norland Industrial Health Group, Score 2000 limited is the answer.

Our Norland products include :

  1. Alkaline Cup.
  2. Cordyceps Coffee.
  3. Cordyceps Sinesis Capsules.
  4. Detox Pack.
  5. Energy Bracelet.
  6. FDA Ginseng Cordyceps Candy.
  7. Hypoglycemic Capsules.
  8. Longvigor Coffee.
  9. Magic Frying Pan.
  10. Vision Vitale Capsules.

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